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2019 Winter Family Weekend

December 25th - 29th

In Lexington Kentucky


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Hi! Welcome to the Church of God Cincinnati website. This warm and friendly congregation is committed to the core values taught in the Bible and emulated by successful families. Our goal is to serve the people God is calling and build cooperative communities that assist our fellow man. As you browse through the web site, you'll get an idea of how vibrant this congregation is. We welcome people who want to join in this great effort!

2019 Winter Family Weekend
Winter Family Weekend 2019 has come and gone!

What a blessing it is to draw away from the world at this time of year and draw closer to God and each other.

We are so thankful for those who were able to attend and the many, many volunteers who gave of themselves to make the weekend a success.

We truly pray you all come away from the weekend refreshed and invigorated!

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