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Hi! Welcome to the web site for the Church of God Cincinnati and the Church of God Lexington, two genuinely warm and family oriented congregations. Our goal is the development of cooperative communities that worship God and serve the community in effective ways. As you browse through the web site, you’ll get an idea of just how vibrant these two groups are. Come join us!

God's Holy Days

God has chosen to reveal His great plan of life through the annual Holy Days.

The Feast of Trumpets is the pivotal day around which all other events revolve. The return of Jesus Christ to establish the Kingdom of God on earth is the point of transformation from the age of Satan to the time when Jesus will rule. Join us beginning at 10:30 am on September 25th to celebrate this Feast Day.

Man has an adversary who seeks only to destroy. The day will come when the Destroyer will be destroyed. We know this because the Day of Atonement is a revelation from God to mankind that He will remove the enemy that has caused all the problems. Join us at 2:30 pm on October 4th to observe and participate in this step in the Plan of God.

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