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Date Message
The Great Thief
10/21/2019 Guy Swenson

Rejoice with Food
10/20/2019 Kurt Hoyer

Helpers of Your Joy
10/20/2019 Lenny Cacchio

10/19/2019 Jim O'Brien

Four Building Blocks to Knowing God
10/19/2019 David Freeman

Joy in the Journey
10/18/2019 Ken Swiger

Getting Back in Order
10/18/2019 Brent Kern

FOT - When Light Meets Dark, Light Wins
10/17/2019 Herb Hanson

FOT - Living as Exiles
10/17/2019 John Klassik

FOT - Davy Crockett Gypsies & Dinosaur Boy
10/16/2019 Jeff Reed

FOT - God is My Husbandman
10/16/2019 Patrick Hinds

FOT - Are We Living in the Last Days?
10/15/2019 Kelly McDonald

FOT - Pottery 101
10/14/2019 Bill Jacobs

FOT - Opening Night
10/13/2019 Guy Swenson

Remember - Part 3
10/05/2019 Jim O'Brien

Trumpets - Part 2
09/30/2019 Jim O'Brien

Trumpets - Part 1
09/28/2019 Jim O'Brien

Love Languages
09/21/2019 Randy Aschenbrenner

Grace and Mercy
09/21/2019 Glen Hollon

Zephaniah, Prophet of Language
09/14/2019 Jim O'Brien

Habakkuk, The Complaining Prophet
09/07/2019 Jim O'Brien

Nahum, Prophet of Justice
08/31/2019 Jim O'Brien

Daniel and Trials
08/24/2019 Dan Allen

No Regrets
08/24/2019 Dick Witham

Micah, Prophet for the Poor
08/17/2019 Jim O'Brien

Amos the Prophet
08/10/2019 Jim O'Brien

Gomer and Hosea
08/03/2019 Jim O'Brien

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