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Webcasting - Enhanced!

We're excited to offer new options to our regular webcasting experience!

The viewer to the right will let you watch the live broadcast of services when they're being held, same as before.

However, even if we're not currently streaming, you can watch previously recorded messages by clicking them from the list below the player -- they load into the player for viewing.

Sermons Online

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Date Sermon
Four Witnesses
04/08/2017 Dan Allen

The Hand Meeting the Cry
04/01/2017 Mike Wiesman

Fake Christianity
04/01/2017 Bill Veeneman

The "Why" of Our Existence
03/25/2017 Jim O'Brien
(Referenced ©TED Talk)

Meet God Where He Is
03/18/2017 Herb Hanson

Faith of Joshua
03/11/2017 Jim O'Brien

In the New Covenant
03/04/2017 Jim O'Brien

Seeing Past the Fog
02/25/2017 Jim O'Brien

Christian Love
02/18/2017 Dan Allen

God of History
02/11/2017 Jim O'Brien

Better Than You Think
02/04/2017 Jim O'Brien

Big Changes Coming
01/21/2017 Jim O'Brien

Feasts of the Lord
01/14/2017 Dan Allen

Digging Ditches
01/07/2017 Jim O'Brien

One Hundred Forty Four Thousand
12/31/2016 Jim O'Brien

With the Time We're Given (WFW 2016)
12/24/2016 Wynn Skelton

Is Christmas Part of the Plan of God?
12/10/2016 Jim O'Brien

Creative Destruction
12/03/2016 Jim O'Brien

11/26/2016 Jim O'Brien

The Gospel (Inaugural Service)
11/19/2016 Guy Swenson

Imprinting on our Hearts
11/05/2016 Jim O'Brien

Day of Atonement
10/12/2016 Jim O'Brien

Restoration of All Things
10/08/2016 Mike Wiesman

Ready to Leave
10/08/2016 Glen Hollon

Feast of Trumpets
10/03/2016 Jim O'Brien

Abomination and Desolation
10/01/2016 Jim O'Brien

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