From Jim O'Brien
May 31, 2019

Junk DNA

Hi Friend,

When I was young I had an uncle who was a doctor. He was somewhat of a pillar in the community and therefore held a place of special admiration in our family. He was also our family doctor so he was respected for his knowledge and medical skills.

From the time I was young he diagnosed my tonsils as very bad and in need of surgical removal. Maybe because we never had an abundance of money, or maybe just being the fourth of four sons, my parents deemed it an unnecessary bother. After all, the law of primogenitor reigned in our family, so the first three obtained most of the available resources-not that there was any sibling rivalry. Thus I remain in possession of my tonsils and adenoids.

So it is with some joy that I have read recent reports that tonsils actually DO perform necessary tasks! The Daily Mail, a British publication, reports that tonsils are our first defense against illness. In the Journal of Pediatrics doctors at the University of Louisville determined that tonsillectomies were of little benefit to children. Other studies have shown that the loss of tonsils can have long-term detrimental effect on the ability of the body to fight infection.

Thank God for making us poor-or for choosing that I would be last in the birth order. It's resulted in better health.

To be honest, I've never been comfortable with the term "vestigial organs". It means that humans have organs that have lost their ability to function through the evolutionary process. Who says they are vestigial? I won't give up a tooth without resistance but an organ is even more sacrosanct. Thanks just the same, but I prefer to keep my appendix even if a scientist thinks it is worthless.

All this started, or was aided by the theory of evolution. Evolutionists argue that the human body resulted from some ancient accident and has evolved forward. Maybe most astounding, the evolutionists believe that more than 97 percent of human DNA is useless leftovers of evolution. The term they've given to this majority is "junk DNA."

A group of scientists-over 440 of them, from 32 institutes-formed a team called ENCODE (Encyclopedia of DNA Elements). They have performed more than 1,600 experiments to understand the functions of "junk" DNA. Guess what they found? Over 80 percent of what was termed "junk" is actually a huge control panel of DNA with millions of switches that turn protein producing DNA on or off. This "junk" DNA turns out to perform vital functions in your body. Because the body is so complex, it needs these millions of "junk" DNA to control the process.

As King David proclaimed to God, "I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made." (Psalm 139:14) I'm betting that God will still exist long after evolutionists are gone because the one thing they have right is that only the fittest survive.

Until next time,

Jim O'Brien