From Jim O'Brien
April 05, 2019

The Personal God

Hi Friend,

There are scant records of ancient history. And history of any age is flawed. History is, as we say, written by the winners. The Pharaohs of Egypt were accustomed to erasing the name of political figures that preceded them. So there is no objective reason to believe that any record of history exists that is more accurate than the Bible.

Before God became incarnate, the average man had an incomplete understanding of his Creator, derived from an observation of nature. It was a rational universe, highly structured. There is day and night, seasons, weather patterns, differences between human beings. God made us male and female, each with our own gifts, and there are differences between man and animals which lack mans' capacity for thought and speech.

Structure provided something you could depend on. You could SEE nature. You knew the sun would rise tomorrow. You knew what season would come next. You knew to plant seeds in the spring and how long to plan before harvest. But sometimes the structure of nature could be devastating. Everyone knew of the "Flood" that destroyed all life. The Egyptians dealt with locusts and plagues and illnesses. Man was at the mercy of a world that was hard.

From the Tower of Babel forward men centralized the power structure and became divided into classes. Most were slaves. A very few were kings. The world into which Moses was born exemplified structure over spirit.

It was evident that this world was "hard-wired" by a Rational Mind, but that's about all that was known about the Creator after Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden.

Then the other side of the coin was revealed. Passover introduced "The Personal God" to the nation of Israel. This God took an interest in the life of the common man. He would intervene for you. He protects the little guy, saves him from Pharaoh the slave master. He is Spiritual and these few people were offered the opportunity to worship him in spirit and in truth. They were offered that opportunity so they could become Ambassadors for God to introduce the rest of the world to the "Personal God."

At Passover God showed Israel that he would send his own son so that man could see what God is like. God would be the Passover lamb, the suffering servant that would save man. What other god was like this?

This God could bleed. What a revelation to man. This was far more than rocks and trees and seasons and mountains. This God was willing to suffer and spill his blood so man could be free.

In two weeks many churches will observe the Christian Passover. For many Christians the deep meaning of Passover must never be lost. In all mankind's history it is one of the most powerful examples of the goodness of God.

Enjoy freedom! Enjoy the privilege of Passover!

Until next time,

Jim O'Brien