From Jim O'Brien
January 18, 2019

The American Killing Fields

Hi Friend,

Maybe it started when William and Paul Paddock told us that too many humans inhabit the earth. The new morality required that humans should stop reproducing or we would run out of food and everybody would starve. Americans dutifully swallowed the message of the Deceiver who convinced us that life itself is the enemy. The irony was lost that they denied to others the gift of life given to them.

Never mind that the Paddock brothers, and their ilk, were proven wrong-that they did irreparable damage to our culture and are still at it.

One of the fundamental instructions for life is given, oddly enough, in Genesis. The Creator instructs us to "Be fruitful and multiply" (Genesis 1:22). It isn't just a casual remark-it's essential for the perpetuation of human life. And He is the author of "life".

When you think about it, American culture may have declared war against children. We start by aborting them before they can even breathe on their own. Then we teach them that their reproductive organs have nothing to do with sexuality.

We even think we can change the sex that has been programmed into our DNA. We tell them they evolved, thus removing the Creator from the process and rendering meaningless His words, "male and female He created them," (Gen. 1:27).

So His words, "Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it;" (verse 28) have no meaning. Like the first man Adam, we have determined that our knowledge is superior to His.

All this came to mind recently while touring historic Spring Hill Cemetery with friends visiting from Idaho. One inescapable observation was the number of graves of young children. It was not unusual for a parent in past generations to witness the death of several children between birth and 10 years of age.

If parents protected their offspring from death it was expected they would still deal with childhood diseases. Mumps, measles and chicken pox were considered normal. Both the common man and aristocrats suffered the afflictions and long-term consequences. Even kings and princes of a few hundred years ago had scarred faces that resulted from Small Pox. Every summer large cities such as London, Paris and Madrid battled the dread disease, which explains why the rich owned summer homes in the Hamptons away from the contaminating masses.

Then there was the flu epidemic of 1917 which killed fifty million people-possibly five percent of the Earth's population-followed by another in the late 50's which was less severe. And we haven't mentioned polio.

It's hard to imagine the pain that mothers and fathers endured as they watched children suffer and often die.

Reading the tombstones in Spring Grove Cemetery I had to thank God that our generation has been protected from so many diseases-at least in this country.

And then reality struck! We kill more children through abortion every year than are killed by diseases. If God protects us from death we seem to find a way to manufacture it! There's no vaccine to prevent abortion!

And those blessed enough to escape the abortionist's knife may be taught that biology doesn't determine gender. The knowledge of reproduction is removed from the minds of children-and along with it a major purpose of life.

Educators and social network gurus deliberately obscure the most basic truth of a child's identity-his sexual makeup. Imagine the problem a child faces trying to understand what life is about when his teachers tell him that he can't believe what is obvious in his own body. There's no way of knowing what sex he is or even how many genders there are. It's confusing. Just waddle along and one day an idea will come to you.

If a child makes it to puberty without being warped by misguided leaders, he faces a world of drugs. We're not talking about addiction to cigarettes that will eventually lead to lung cancer. We're talking about heroin, cocaine and fentanyl that kill the spirit and often the body.

More than 72,000 Americans died from drug overdoses in 2017. Statistics aren't available for last year but indications are that the epidemic is much worse.

We are killing our children. It's as if we have declared war against them-maybe against life itself. No nation can adopt such a notion and survive.

If we don't kill them before they are born, we drug them as teens. We teach them that homosexuality is preferable so we reduce the chance for procreating our species. We teach them that their sex is not determined by their physical attributes.

Once when Jesus and the disciples were traveling Jesus was hungry and, seeing a fig tree, He approached it to get something to eat. On finding the tree barren He said, "May no one ever eat fruit from you again." (Mark 11:14). The unmistakable point of the parable is that God expects His creation to produce.

We were made to produce-to replenish the earth. To be fruitful. Those aren't clichés-they are essential elements for the survival of the species.

Until next time,

Jim O'Brien