From Jim O'Brien
July 13, 2018

Hi Friend,

Power of the Gospel

Ever seen a night satellite photo of Korea? It may be the most dramatic illustration that a picture is worth a thousand words. North Korea is engulfed in darkness while South Korea shines bright, sparkling like a diamond.

Korea was once a single nation of people with the same ethnic and historical background. What caused such a dramatic difference? The answer is politics. Today South Korea is wealthy, free, well-fed and productive while their brothers to the north are a starving concentration camp.

South Korea allows the political freedom to preach the Gospel-the message that has transformed it into one of the most Christianized nations on earth while North Korea puts people in prison for preaching the Gospel.

If you think the case is overstated, look at Iran, Saudi Arabia, China and Cuba. In each of those nations freedom to preach the Gospel is outlawed and slavery abounds. Politics has opposed freedom and Christians are enslaved.

Still, some Christians in America believe it is wrong for a believer to get involved in politics. That concept overlooks the history of the country where 29 of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence held seminary degrees. The first session of the Continental Congress began in 1774 with a three-hour prayer meeting. Christianity was a fundamental force in the founding of the country. And we have prospered!

The fact is that ALL laws are based in morals-the laws against theft, murder and child abuse are a reflection of a morality that says we shall not harm another person. When the Bible is outlawed as a source for value education, what source will serve as a replacement? Will it be a school, or the medical profession, or a political party? What evidence exists to say that any of these individuals or institutions will serve as a better source for teaching values than God? And why should Christians in a free society be denied a voice in policy?

People who are intolerant of those who speak for Christian values are simply expressing another form of bigotry.

The final analysis is, when a nation removes God as the basis for law, there will be a human being who will enforce his morals on us.

In all the history of this earth, there has never been a nation or people who have had greater prosperity than those who chose the values of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Until next time,

Jim O'Brien