From Jim O'Brien
November 24, 2017

Hi Friend,

Judicial Trends

What do you think would happen to a judge today who ruled that a person MUST study the Bible? It was 1946 when a juvenile with a history of problems faced Judge Ruegemer in St. Cloud, MN. This time the juvenile had seriously injured an adult while driving recklessly.

The judge could have sentenced the youth to a correctional facility with hardened criminals but chose to suspend the sentence provided the defendant learn and live by the Ten Commandments and regularly report to his probation officer.

The young man surprised the judge by saying he didn't know what the Ten Commandments were. So the judge engaged a local church pastor to teach him and then began a movement to place monuments displaying the Commandments in thousands of courtrooms, schools, and parks across the nation.

The Supreme Court reversed this process in 1980 in a ruling that stated that teaching the Ten Commandments "is not a permissible state objective."

Odd, that the men who are responsible to uphold law ruled that the state cannot teach children to obey the Ten Commandments, which teaches them not to kill, steal, dishonor their parents, lie, etc.

More recently, June 2011, the Supreme Court struck down a California law that would have banned selling "violent" video games to children, stating the games are protected under "free speech."

The Court's version of freedom of speech allows predators to profit from the sale of games that teach kids to kill cops, shoot up schools, and kill other students. There are also games that teach kids to steal cars, rape women, and even shoot John F. Kennedy dead for a chance to win a $10,000.00 prize.

This failure to protect America's children may be a worse form of child sacrifice than even the ancient pagans practiced. The pagans destroyed the body but the Supreme Court gives predators the opportunity to destroy the spirit. God will resurrect the bodies of young children who were placed on altars to false gods-children who died so young the mind had not been corrupted. Such children will be granted an opportunity to grow up in a world without corruption.

But our culture destroys the spirit and lets the body live.

The rear entrance of the Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C. has over it a huge engraving of Moses with the Ten Commandments in his hands. The inscription under Moses states, "Justice the guardian of liberty."

Jesus once reproved the citizens of Capernaum for their failure to repent in the face of obvious truth. He said "The men of Nineveh will rise up in the judgment with this generation and condemn it, because they repented at the preaching of Jonah; and indeed a greater than Jonah is here." (Matt. 12:41)

Jesus might say today that the Founding Fathers of the U.S. will rise up in the judgment and condemn the members of the Supreme Court. They had laid a stone above the Supreme Court that is testimony against those who sit in the chambers today.

Until next time,

Jim O'Brien