From Jim O'Brien
May 26, 2017

Hi Friend,

Where's the Man?

Once the word was "Columbine" then it evolved to "World Trade Center" and now it is "Manchester". At least twenty-two were killed by a terrorist and scores others were injured as they were leaving a concert.

There is something even more sickening about this attack-it was deliberately aimed to injure and kill young girls.

Katie Hopkins of the Daily Mail UK wrote, "I knelt by my bed as I heard the news. They said eighteen dead at the Ariana Grande concert; now it's 22. Including an eight-year-old. A sixteen-year-old. Others still missing. Another terror attack in Britain. A terror attack on our youngest girls, excited, thrilled, filled up by life after watching Ariana Grande perform. This country is sick. It is calling out for a doctor."

Worse yet is the type of death the attacker chose for his victims. Ms. Hopkins points out that the young victims were "punctured by ball bearings and shrapnel from a hardware store." A homeless man helped dig nails out of one of the young girls. It's bad enough that there are lone wolves who plan these things but it is now known that this was planned by a group of Islamic terrorists. Hopkins writes, "The terrorists want us dead. They want the infidel to be slaughtered. And they spread their message most effectively by targeting our children, our little girls."

She complains that "it's all very well putting armed soldiers at the House of Commons and Number 10 to protect the people who made the decisions that enabled both the infiltration of our country by terror and the hot-housing of terror here on home soil." In other words, the nation's leaders protect themselves while sacrificing young daughters to slaughter.

Worse still, the leaders disarm the men so they are unable to protect their wives and daughters.

Another writer from Britain expressed similar sentiments. "Whether you're a woman or child, old or young, you have to know that it's men who are going to stand by you and for you and your values. It's men, those who've defended city gates for thousands of years, who will fight for you against the evil that bad men do. It's men who will create safety."

"That's what should be, but in cities like Cologne, Germany, where a thousand women were sexually assaulted by refugees without resistance, or Sweden, now the rape capital of Europe - again, thanks to the refugees who are welcomed with open arms yet have insanely differing values - where women in towns that are overrun by said refugees don't feel safe, the men aren't defending, they're not protecting - ARE THEY HIDING?"

Ancient Israel faced a similar dilemma during the days of the Prophet Ezekiel. They had rejected their God, given up justice and oppressed the workingman. God gave the land over to violence, greed and barbaric attacks from the gentiles. God sent His word through Ezekiel who wrote, "So I sought for a man among them who would make a wall, and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land, that I should not destroy it; but I found no one." (Ezekiel 22:30)

Where is such a man today? Is there someone to stand in the gap to prevent the slaughter of the most vulnerable among us? The free world is accustomed to seeing a man-one man-come to the fore in a time of crisis. There was Washington, without whom the U.S. would never have become a nation. There was Lincoln, without whom we may not have abolished slavery.

Then there was Churchill, without whom the free world would have drowned under Nazi imperialism-the Jews would have been exterminated and the free world would have been lost. Have we forgotten Neville Chamberlain? He thought he could appease Hitler. He actually believed he could negotiate with the devil himself. He was wrong. Six weeks after Chamberlain capitulated to the Hitler, most of Europe was under the Nazi thumb.

It was Churchill who stood alone, like a fortress, to convince the free world to resist the evil dictator. And we are free because one man stood in the gap.

Men like Churchill don't just arrive by accident. They are providential. A gift from God.

Christians need to pray for a man to stand in the gap.

Until next time,

Jim O'Brien