From Jim O'Brien
April 21, 2017

Hi Friend,


If you haven't heard, the world is changing. Queen Mary University of London has adopted a new policy for religious speakers. Women must now enter through a separate door where they are forced to sit in a room and not allowed to ask questions or raise their hands. Yes, this is serious. This "academic guideline" is finding its way into other British institutions of higher learning.

Why? It reflects a growing British trend to accommodate Islamic Law. They are doing this to mirror the customs in Riyadh.

You remember Riyadh-where 42 women were arrested for driving a car after the Gulf War. Those Saudi women saw American female soldiers driving military vehicles. The Saudi women were astonished at the freedom of their American counterparts sent to liberate their country from Saddam Hussein. They had never witnessed such female liberty-at least in the Islamic world. So Saudi women got behind the wheel and drove their cars around Riyadh. When the war was over, Americans left and the Saudi women were jailed.

In an ironic reversal British ladies are imitating the slavery of Saudi women. At leading British universities, English females are willingly reverting to a primitive culture where they accept the role of second-class citizenship. Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury, and Chief Justice Lord Phillips are advocating that English law should incorporate elements of sharia law. The Islamic Society at the London School of Economics held a social event in which the men and women were separated by a portable wall.

In an astonishing admission, a leading British judge, Sir James Munby, said that Christianity no longer influences the courts and these must be multicultural. Translation: British courts must be more Islamic. It was an unintended comparison of freedom gained through Christian culture versus slavery advocated by Islam. Rather than defend the rights of the weaker sex, Sir James is willing to submit them to Islamic tyranny.

The decreasing commitment to the worship of God is at the core. Since 2001 500 London churches of all denominations have been turned into private homes. During the same period, British mosques have been proliferating. Between 2012 and 2014, the proportion of Britons who identify themselves as Anglicans fell from 21 percent to 17 percent, a decrease of 1.7 million people, while the number of Muslims has grown by almost a million.

There are 1,700 mosques in Britain today. Of those, only two are considered moderate-the rest being controlled by more radical forms of Islam. According to a recent survey, a third of UK Muslims "do not feel part of British culture."

In London there are officially 100 sharia courts. It is a parallel judicial system made possible by the British Arbitration Act and the system of Alternative Dispute Resolution. These new courts are based on the rejection of the inviolability of human rights: the values of freedom and equality that are the basis of English Common law.

Why would the English, who have such a long history of preserving individual rights, so easily capitulate to the tyranny of evil? The answer may be found in the Bible. When Moses was leading the Israelites out of slavery to the Egyptians he told the people that there would come a time of great prosperity. Moses had the wisdom to see future generations that would be unfamiliar with God's protection.

Moses was talking to men and women who had seen the miracles God performed to bring Israel out of slavery. Their children would reap the rewards of God's intervention without having witnessed the intervention of God. "Your eyes have seen every great act of the Lord which He did." (Deut. 11:7)

One generation inevitably gives way to the next but there is an inherent danger that new leaders will lack sufficient life experience to defend justice. What we may be witnessing in the free world is governance from ignorance. We cannot bring Churchill out of the grave-or Washington, Jefferson or Lincoln. We may have reached a stage of arrogance where we think we know better than the men who successfully fought wars for the values that have preserved our liberty. We may even elect a president childish enough to return a bust of Churchill to the British.

We need a Moses or a Washington. But, we need a populace with the wisdom to support him. And that populace is not at Berkeley.

Until next time,

Jim O'Brien