From Jim O'Brien
March 03, 2017

Hi Friend,

Yes, Virginia, Sweden is in Chaos

The news media has reached a stage that can only be described as bizarre. On February 16, President Trump referred to crime in Sweden that has risen dramatically as a result of Muslim immigration. His comment was followed by riots in Sweden perpetrated by immigrants. The response of the news media was to blame the President.

It strains credulity to think that riots in Sweden could actually be caused by an offhand comment by the President of the United States, but that's what the news media would have us believe. The irony is that the riots proved the truth of President Trump's comment.

A little background is in order.

In 2014, just three years ago, the news reported an underground war in Sweden. A wave of immigrants was entering the country with no background check, no criminal reports and little identification required.

This report came on the heels of six weeks of rioting and billions of dollars in damage to businesses and homes in Sweden. It was called-by politicians-a low-intensity civil war. They further reported that rape was at a record rate. Law enforcement officers went on record stating that virtually 100 percent of the "rapes of strangers" were committed by immigrant Muslims against blonde Swedes. Some Swedish women took to dying their hair black and wearing hijabs to avoid attack.

Violent immigrant gangs controlled certain parts of the cities. Sharia law was enforced in some areas and law became administered by the local Mullah. As a result honor killings took place on a daily basis and stoning became a frequent punishment.

Free speech disappeared in Sweden. The only speech allowed was politically correct speech. As an example, Pentecostal Pastor Åke Green was sentenced to a month in prison for a sermon in which he said that homosexuality is "a cancer on the body of society."

There was a time that Sweden was a Christian nation. In fact, for four centuries church and state were one.

Catholicism gave way to the Protestant Reformation when Sweden accepted the teachings of Martin Luther. In the mid-nineteenth century freedom of worship became law. Even though the Church of Sweden was the dominant church, other denominations emerged and per capita, church attendance increased. At the same time, Sweden began to prosper and became wealthy.

After WWII a new era of socialism took control. It became the model of Keynesian Economics with a world high marginal tax rate of 91 percent that killed the entrepreneurial spirit.

Today Sweden is statistically Christian, but only 1 percent of Swedes attend church. Only 23 percent believe there is a God compared to 82 percent of Americans. In 1996 tax forms revealed that Swedes were donating 1.6 of their income to the church. Evangelicals in America today donate 3.7 percent.

In Stockholm 50 percent of the priests are women and many are openly gay, a lifestyle surprisingly accepted by the church. Ironically, the push back against homosexuality is coming from the secular community, not Christians.

What an awful irony! Christian leaders gave up the Law of God and secular teachers are left to uphold the morals of God.

Can Sweden return to God? How do you convince a nation that its blessings have come from God when only 23 percent believe there IS a God?

What should God do with a church that should set the moral standard for mankind when its morals are worse than the world?

Jesus once used salt as a metaphor for the Church. When salt has lost it savor, He said, "It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men." (Matt. 5:13b) Sweden may be the prophetic reality of Jesus' words. It is being trampled on by the world.

There's a saying that "As Sweden goes, so goes the world." Is Sweden the future of America? I hope not. Maybe America can learn from the loss of what was once a great nation.

Until next time,

Jim O'Brien