From Jim O'Brien
May 20, 2016

Hi Friend,

In God We Trust

What is the most frequent metaphor Jesus used for the Kingdom of God? Surprisingly it is money. There are many reasons. The flow of an economy is parallel to the flow of the Holy Spirit. Both are like a river that is healthy when flowing thus removing impurities. Both water and money absorb toxic substances from their respective environments and need to flow to eliminate the toxins and become pure.

Therefore, the enemy of both water and economics is stagnation. Both need to flow. A stagnate pond does not produce healthy life, nor does a stagnate economy. Likewise, stagnation is the enemy of the Holy Spirit. The principle is universal. Even the body dies as we age and stop moving. Flow is essential for life.

Before the United States was a nation the Founding Fathers recognized the need for economic freedom. There are only two types of economic systems: a government driven economy and a free-market economy. The Founding Fathers chose free-market because governments inevitably restrict the flow of money thus killing the spirit.

Ben Franklin had a close friendship with Adam Smith, the Father of Capitalism. Some scholars say Franklin was responsible for much of the content of Smith's seminal work "Wealth of the Nations". It was this book that served as an instruction manual to lay the foundation for the foundation of the system of economics used by the U.S.

It is important to understand this because the U.S. educational system ignores this fundamental truth and unwittingly indoctrinates young people to accept an atheistic system of socialism.

This statement will seem like hyperbole to those who don't know the influence of Franklin and Smith on our economic system. It was Adam Smith who coined the phrase, "the unseen hand" that controls the economy. The phrase is commonly viewed as a reference to the Hand of God that controls the flow of a free-market economy. The opposite is a government-controlled economy principally represented by communism and socialism.

Both Franklin and Smith trusted God, the "unseen hand" to control the flow of of money. There is not space here to list the numerous reasons why, but they are many. In other words, the founding principle of the U.S.-that ultimately led to the phrase on our currency "In God We Trust"-grew from a national dependence on God-that dependence being both genuine and concrete.

All that is said to illustrate an alarming trend developing in the U.S. Jonah Goldberg recently wrote, "millennials generally are the only age group that views socialism more favorably than unfavorably." He goes on to say that "schools have been force-feeding left-wing propaganda to kids like it was feed for geese at a foie gras factory."

Now here's the real irony-young people who believe in socialism don't know what it is! How is it that people can ardently favor something that is so contrary to Christian ethics and embrace such a self-destructive philosophy?

Well, Emily Ekins and Joy Pullmann write in The Federalist, that young people think socialism is federally mandated niceness. They believe it is a generous safety net, a kinder system.

When they are told that socialism is a government-controlled system under which Uber,, or Facebook could not exist their support diminishes.

When they learn that Karl Marx, the founder of socialism, caused the enslavement of hundreds of millions, they are shocked. The intellectuals believe that the economy can operate like a machine. They believe it is best left to planners.

But Christianity teaches that man is NOT a machine. He has a spirit. The spirit that God put into man needs to flow. There is a natural sense built into the spirit that allows the individual to know best what is best for him. No state planner ever knew your needs better than you.

Trusting in the spirit God placed within man is trust in the system God created. No government ever created by any man has matched such a system.

In God We Trust.

Until next time,

Jim O'Brien