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2019 Winter Family Weekend

December 25th - 29th

In Lexington Kentucky


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Hi! Welcome to the Church of God Cincinnati website. This warm and friendly congregation is committed to the core values taught in the Bible and emulated by successful families. Our goal is to serve the people God is calling and build cooperative communities that assist our fellow man. As you browse through the web site, you'll get an idea of how vibrant this congregation is. We welcome people who want to join in this great effort!

Pentecost Weekend Celebration

Acts 2:1 When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one accord.

Our congregation is blessed to host a Pentecost Weekend Celebration! We have been blessed with a building and a wonderful congregation with whom to worship. Letís share that blessing with our brothers and sisters in Christ!

When: Pentecost Weekend
Friday night, June 7th - Sunday, June 9th

Where: Church of God Cincinnati
9191 Daly Rd. Cincinnati, Ohio 45231

    Friday Night: Meet and Greet, Light Snacks
    Sabbath: Brunch, Seminars, Sabbath Services
    Saturday Night: Dinner, Activities, Bonfire
    Sunday: Brunch, Pentecost Services, Lunch

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